About Us

Hi friends, we’re Alexis & Adrian!

We are not your typical coordinators. We are a male and female couple who are passionate about living life through laughter and love and bring that service to our couples. We want to break the mold of the “traditional” planning. Most coordinators are solo and female, which typically leave the conversation one-sided. We want our brides and grooms to both feel included. We will make the planning process fun and enjoyable, as it should be. That is why our first meeting usually begins by grabbing a drink and getting to know our couples. Don’t let the day of details and planning distract you from enjoying YOUR DAY. You can count on us to deliver a seamless experience for you and your guests. 


All About Alexis

Raised in the suburbs of Springfield, Pennsylvania

Graduated from Penn State University. WE ARE!

Loves all dogs, matcha lattes, thunderstorms, the beach and a good brunch.

First Job – Meat Market & Deli (Family Tradition…I didn’t last long)

Favorite drink – Margarita & Crush by Dreaming Tree (red wine)

Favorite thing about Adrian -His passion and determination for anything he sets his mind to, his accent and when he is exhausted he speaks Romanian 

Life mantra – “Live, Laugh, Love”

Lifelong dream – Start my own coordinating company, Travel to Scotland and Ireland and have a family 

All About Adrian

Raised in Moldova          (east Europe)

Degree in Business Admin. Management

Loves to play soccer, hike, run, read and keep busy with projects

First Job – Hospitality 


Favorite drink – B&B & Crush by Dreaming Tree (red wine)

Favorite thing about Alexis – Her being short and needing my help to reach up for things (makes me feel important). Love her big heart, good looks, and the fact that she is a pretty smart cookie. 


Lifelong dream – Be someone, be an inspiration, a business man. Build a future, fear nothing, travel more, run a marathon, hike mountains and love life.